Emmi & Kati - Hard anal & the first time squirt 1
Emmi & Kati - Hard anal & the first time squirt 2
Emmi & Kati - Hard anal & the first time squirt 3
Emmi & Kati - Hard anal & the first time squirt 4

We hired a pro actor for the two cute girls. That the guy likes the two is not to be overlooked. The then do a kind roleplay ala schoolgirl and teacher but that is quickly forgotten because the guy takes the girls really hard

Emmi licks his ass first, while Andy Kati makes squirter for the first time in her life. Kati doesn't know what just happened to her and looks like a ferret after the forest fire. A really epic facial carnival you get to see. When Kati was finished with squiring Andy takes the hot ass of Emmi and fucks her nice anal by ...


Jaydah extremely squirt!

2018-06-15 Jaydah Squirt Queen 13:20 minutes Amateur, Fetish, Toys
Jaydah extremely squirt! 1
Jaydah extremely squirt! 2
Jaydah extremely squirt! 3
Jaydah extremely squirt! 4

Jaydah visited us in Kiel. She told us that she has the talent to squirten extremely. Well that's what some girls claim and we were curious how extreme they can squirten really. What she showed us then we have never seen live like that and on video you can see that extremely rarely. NO FAKE 100% real!

Jaydah fucking and squirting 1
Jaydah fucking and squirting 2
Jaydah fucking and squirting 3
Jaydah fucking and squirting 4

After Jaydah has proven how crass she can squirten we let her go on Uwe. Of course, he knows nothing of her talent and so he is also extremely surprised when she quirtet him from top to bottom. He does not let it show and puts his thick cock back in! Very cool action;)