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Hey guys, the girlycast team was in Berlin and we met Alex and her friend Dennis there. The two had applied for a casting with us what we have, of course, gladly accepted. Since the casting was very short-term, the two did not have much time unfortunately. Alex's parents were not allowed to hear anything about the meeting, so Alex could not be recognized.

What shows the little but in the short time, is the absolute hammer! Alex is so horny that she immediately loses all inhibitions in front of the camera. She gets fucked by her boyfriend after line and thread. He allows her no break with his huge cock! Örgel is also on board again and shows his potential. It developed a threesome, to our taste ...

Kerstin Casting - Cuckold watches

2018-05-12 Kerstin 18:47 minutes Amateur, Blow Job, Cuckold
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We met Kerstin in Essen. She had never done anything in front of the camera but wanted to give it a try. She had her husband with him, but he was only allowed to watch. Kerstin wanted to fuck another guy in front of his eyes. After a short interview it starts already. When Örgel fucks her then, Kerstins Cuckold says that condoms were agreed. Kerstin, however, wants to be fucked without a condom and just says to her cuckold "It's okay so!" ...

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2018-04-13 Natascha 35:12 minutes Amateur, Anal Sex, Cuckold
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Natasha has already turned her boyfriend Uwe into a cuckold, now she is setting the crown for it all. Since Uwe has not yet anal fucked her should now take over our actor Patrick. Natascha spontaneously decided that. Uwe allowed him to go to the hand and look at the whole. Natasha gives herself completely to Patrick and can not wait to feel his hard cock in her virgin ass. Uwe can not believe what just happened ...

Black Beauty Maria Casting threesome

2018-03-23 Maria 23:39 minutes Amateur, Blow Job, Interracial
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Here's something exotic for you. Sweet Maria has never been in front of the camera before, that was of course a reason for us to invite her to the casting. Maria is extremely cum-horny and can not get enough, she told us quite openly in the preliminary talk.

That was reason enough for us to make two men available to her the first time ... but first of all it happens differently and secondly as one thinks because one of our actors gets a herniated disc in the middle of the shoot and unfortunately retires. But see for yourself ...

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After Uwe had calmed down a bit further. Naturally, Natascha wants our Patrick to be there because Uwe has her every day. So both guys are allowed to fuck the little one again. Uwe is of course really hard to prove it to his Natascha, whether it will work this time? See for yourself ...