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Reality Show - The male virgin!

2019-10-01JackyAmateur, First timers, Fucking
  • 15:40 minutes
  • FullHD

Welcome to the right life! There are actually still men who have never driven it with a woman! It is usually a taboo for those affected to talk about it ... also somehow understandable.

Anyway, we were contacted by a fan that he would like to do it in front of the camera, but he is super shy and has not much experience. His dream would be to also make a woman happy without gum ... so far so good, nothing unusual and such requests we get almost every day. But then I talked longer with the guy on Skype and then found out relatively quickly that he has no experience with women! I thought that was interesting again ... it had to be changed!

I then contacted Jacky and asked her if she would like to accept ... she immediately agreed and the meeting came ...

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