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Look forward to the movies of Milf Doris. She is not as harmless as she looks. So stay tuned ...

Doris the milf

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Next Model Lara  

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Next Model Suzi  

The next model is cute teen Suzi, it's getting hot! So stay tuned ...

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E-mail from user Thomas  

I think your WEB page is really good! It is very natural and the interviews with the actors are especially good: with the girls, their men and also your actors. The films will probably arrive at many people! For this reason, you obviously have many messages and always new models.

But I think it's a pity that in the chuckolds' lyrics you make fun of the men of the girls or portray them as "jerks" and "losers". I think that they, too, enjoy the actions and you must not forget that one or the other message of an interested couple may be omitted, because the couples see that they are not well talked about afterwards. If you write thankfully about the Chuckolds, no matter what happened, that can only be good for you!
I just say: more interviews and keep it up!

Our answer:

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your feedback. We do not put the cuckolds as losers or idiots. We think that is part of the Cuckold Fetish, that the men feel a bit "deceived" or humiliated. "We differentiate between Wifesharing (which you mean more) and Cuckolding. We hope you still have fun on our site. We welcome any comment and e-mail with feedback

Sunny greetings

Mathias from the team

Pia Sofie's first black cock while her cuckold is watching
Pia Sofie's first black cock while her cuckold is watching